Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile

Working with Wood Look Tile in Greenwood, SC

Wood Look Tile in Greenwood, SCHave you ever wanted the style and appeal of hardwood flooring [link to Shop Now > Hardwood], but found yourself uncertain as to whether it was the best material for a specific space? Often, this well-loved material has to be set aside because of concerns about moisture, traffic, or other factors. At Harris Flooring America, however, you don’t have to live without the look you desire.

Thanks to our extensive sourcing network and commitment to client satisfaction, we are able to offer you a modern, elegant solution. Our wood look tile in Greenwood, SC, is an ideal balance of beauty and durability, and it can make your flooring project both easier and less expensive. Want more information on just how this product can make the difference for your home improvement plan? Let us share a few of its unique benefits.

A Wood Look that Lasts

One of the few drawbacks of natural wood is its need for continuous upkeep. Tile, on the other hand, offers a durable surface that stays solid under common pressures in your home such as heavy foot traffic. In addition, the fact that it doesn’t expand when exposed to moisture allows our ceramic and porcelain wood tile to be safely installed in: Bathrooms Kitchens Utility Rooms Basements

Taken with its value per square foot and the help you can find picking a product at our showroom, our tile gives you the ability to expand your flooring horizons and take your project further than you might otherwise be able to. That means more worth for your home, more beauty for you, and a better space to share with the people who matter most.

Versatile by Design

Optimizing your home upgrade is all about choosing the right options for your situation. When it comes to wood tile, you have two main categories to select from. Both offer diverse looks and long-term value, but each has added strengths that make it better for particular situations.

Wood Plank Porcelain Tile: Home life can be busier than most people realize--until it starts to wear on their floors. With our wood plank porcelain tiles, you get the highest level of strength and water resistance, making it perfect for active families and potential splash zones. In addition, its manufacturing process distributes color all the way through the tile, allowing any chipping to be less noticeable.

Stunning Wood Look Ceramic: For customers with interesting and custom-built homes, it can be challenging to find flooring that fits effectively into some rooms. This is where our ceramic wood tile shines. Easy to cut without the assistance of a specialist, you can ensure that you get the most cohesive look possible, even when dealing with delicate areas.


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