Tile Backsplashes

Tile Backsplashes

Invigorate Your Space with Tile Backsplashes in Greenwood, SC

tile backsplashes in greenwood, scImprove the strength and visual appeal of your most-frequented spaces with Flooring America Greenwood. Our selection of tile backsplashes in Greenwood, SC, empowers you to add a functional and decorative flair to your walls. Explore your interior design options at our remodeling center and create custom designs. With our vast selection, commitment to client-oriented service, and professional installation, it’s easier to redefine your interior design.

The Advantages of Custom Tile Backsplashes

Backsplashes successfully synthesize form and function. Available as porcelain, ceramic, or glass material, these tiles can be arranged in different patterns or designs and affixed to your walls. By adding a splash of color to your kitchen or bathroom walls, you can create a distinct ambiance for some of the most-frequented areas of your home.

The backsplash does more than liven up a space with new decor. It also protects your walls from moisture and unsightly stains. With a non-porous material like tile protecting your wall, it is easier to clear out water spots and grease spatter.

Backsplashes are a versatile addition to your interior design. Kitchen backsplashes, for example, can be placed along the sink area or stove to protect your walls. They also make a great complement to your existing cabinetry, imparting a distinct visual appeal.

If you are remodeling your home to put on the listings, decorative flourishes like the tile backsplash can contribute to the visual appeal--and sale value--of your property. After all, prospective home buyers are more likely to consider your listing when you have already completed the remodeling work for them.

Design Your Next Masterpiece at Our Showroom

Now it’s your chance to give your favorite rooms a distinct character. Our remodeling center gives you the tools to create custom tile backsplashes. Choose from a variety of materials, including ceramic, porcelain, and glass. We have teamed up with well-known manufacturers to provide quality materials for your next work of art.

Not sure where to begin? Let our experienced showroom staff be your guide. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in interior remodeling. In turn, we can discuss your project goals and design mosaic tile backsplashes that meet your needs.

Professional Installation on Your Terms

You took the time to design your new backsplash. Realize your vision for better walls with our backsplash installation services. Our professional team has the training, skill, and experience to complete your remodeling projects.

Enjoy your new investment as quickly as possible. We work quickly and carefully to install your new backsplashes. Best of all, we offer a comprehensive and seamless approach to service. Our teams will measure, cut, arrange, and place your backsplashes--all according to your schedule.


Contact our remodeling center to arrange a consultation for tile backsplashes. Our flooring showroom proudly serves property owners throughout Greenwood, SC, including Windtree, Aspen Heights, Timberlake, Hill and Dale, and surrounding areas.

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